2 trees at 2 o’clock

Show your support for the NHS Forest by planting 2 trees at 2 o’clock. 27 sites signed up last year to this exciting initiative created by NHS Forest, so let’s see if we can make it at least 30 this year.  NHS Forest would like to thank their sponsor The Great Outdoor Gym Company as they can now offer free small trees, known as whips. These whips are available through the tree sponsorship scheme with further details available HERE or please feel free to contact Mary Zacaroli

The NHS Forest is an exciting national project coordinated by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. The project’s central aims are:

  • improving health of staff, patients and communities through increasing access to green space on or near to NHS land;
  • Greening the NHS Estates and with a target of 1 tree per employee amounting to 1.3 million trees;
  • Encouraging greater social cohesion between NHS sites and the local community; and
  • Bringing together a range of professionals and volunteers to produce woodland that includes the use of art, food crops, woodfuel and biodiversity.

NHS Forest

Publicise the day using the handy poster – NHS Forest Poster

Consider finding someone newsworthy to plant your tree and get some positive publicity for your NHS Trust, organisation or enterprise!