What is it about?

The annual NHS Sustainability Day is about celebrating the importance sustainable development plays within our national health services. Through this annual day, NHS and Health professionals can showcase how they are driving sustainability whilst celebrating their achievements and engaging with staff, patients and visitors. We encourage any organisation to get involved and provide free resources to help plan your day!
If you would like any further information on how to organise a day of action please email info@nhssustainabilityday.co.uk

The #dayforaction is only one aspect of our work on Sustainability across the NHS. You can find out about the Sustainability Campaign by visiting the About the Campaign area of the site.

What you can do?

There a so many things you can do on your annual day of action including:

+ Host a staff, patient and visitor awareness expo in your organisation!

+ Have a cycle to work day!

+ Cut meat from the staff or patient menus for a day!

+ Encourage staff to walk or cycle to work and leave the car at home!

+ Plant a tree!

+ Reduce paper usage across the organisation!

+ Host a recycling scheme!

+ Run a ward v ward competition on who can save the most energy!

For more ideas visit our Sustainability Ideas Section


Because we want an NHS fit for the future and unless we act more sustainably we could face losing our longest serving institute. The NHS is facing a constant challenge to deliver cost savings whilst ensuring a high standard of patient care, yet, with growing budget constraints and lack of resources, the NHS needs to find savings and cut its environmental impact down. If it can achieve this then it can save money, reduce impact on the environment and deliver even high standards of patient care. We all have a duty to look after our NHS.