The Sustainability Campaign was established in 2013, incorporating a NHS national day of action each year. Since it’s inception, the Campaign has gone from strength into strength, recognising and sharing good practice across the health sector through events, professional networks, publications and national awards.

We work closely with Hospital Trusts to ensure that the Campaign remains relevant to what is happening in the health sector. We involve a range of health sector partners in the way the campaign develops, through a leadership board.

Whilst we have a working relationship with government departments and hospital trusts, the Campaign is self-financed and not affiliated to or managed by the government.


The Campaign aims to drive action on sustainable development within the NHS via a range of platforms which include:

+ Regional based Roadshows showcasing of best-practice throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

+ Annual reporting of evidence and data

+ Rewarding and recognising achievement through annual awards

+ Online engagement through webinars, newsletters and social media

+ Lobbying government and policy stakeholders to accelerate sustainable development within the NHS

The Campaign also has a declaration