Green switch will help save Gloucestershire hospitals £0.5 million a year!

Savings of more than £500,000 each year will soon be enjoyed at hospitals in Gloucestershire when new cost-cutting sustainability measures begin to take effect. Cheltenham General is the latest to benefit from Vital Energi’s investment and know how across a number of innovative energy projects, including efficient high tech temperature control systems across both sites. […] the full article

Circular economy principles help NHS meet cost and environmental targets

Three sustainability and waste experts on what the healthcare system can gain from circular economy principles. Dr Terry Tudor, senior lecturer in waste management, University of Northampton…. Due to changing demographics, the health and social care system in the UK could become one of the largest sectors of the economy over the next 50 years. […] the full article

The Prime Minister pays tribute to NHS Sustainability Day

In a letter to the NHS Sustainability Day campaign team The Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon David Cameron MP took time to congratulate all those involved; “I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge well done to all those individuals, NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations who participated in NHS Sustainability Day 2014. […] the full article

Health and Wellbeing Boards to be engaged around preparing for climate change

The Sustainable Development Unit are contacting all Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs) to get their input into a government report looking at how the health and care system is adapting to climate change. Chairs of HWBs will receive an email invite to take part in the three question survey that will take five minutes to […] the full article

Monitoring overheating in wards

Managing climate risks to wellbeing and the economy report was published earlier in the year by the Adaptation Sub-Committee. It has highlighted that 90% of hospital wards are at risk of overheating with climate change. Without adaptation the number of additional deaths and illness associated with heat is likely to increase. Currently there is no […] the full article

NHS Property Services survey seeks tenants’ views

NHS Property Services is seeking the views of its tenants to measure satisfaction with property, including the importance of issues like sustainability. The findings will be used to inform operational delivery and focus strategic planning to better meet the needs of customers. Take the survey here. To ensure the survey is representative of tenants, please […] the full article