Award-Winning Eco-fashion brand from on the Isle of Wight helps support NHS Sustainability Day

Rapanui design and make casualwear in line with the latest trends, but from more sustainable materials. They use ethically accredited factories that are powered by wind and solar energy – and by using cutting edge ‘eco-textiles’ Rapanui creates products that have a unique natural softness and feel when worn. The result is clothing that looks great, feels great and improves the world we live in. They have kindly designed a range of T-Shirts that highlight the work of our campaign:

Whilst the organic, ethical and low carbon approach to Rapanui’s supply chain is important their real contribution to sustainability has come from their work towards traceability – basically making new ways to help consumers find out where clothing comes from, how it is made, and therefore starting conversations between shoppers, brands and their suppliers. Using their trace mapping tool, you can find out exactly where the products come from and how they were made: From the seed being sewn, picked, spun and transported: It is traceability from seed to shop.