Bournemouth Roadshow highlights food sustainability

The NHS Sustainability Day Roadshow cycled into Bournemouth on February 6th to see how the South of England was tackling sustainability in healthcare. The day was also an opportunity to launch a new campaign called 14:14. The Campaign, which aims to raise the importance of sustainable food and GYO, was created by 4 All of Us and supported by Barts Health, Soil Association, Vegware and Garden Organic. Food was on the menu in more ways than one at Bournemouth with presentations from Andy Jones, Chairman of the Hospital Caterers Association, the Soil Association and Garden Organic who all demonstrated effectively how locally grown food is improving health throughout the NHS.

Following a well earned refreshment break, delegates were treated to a discussion on industry collaboration within the NHS. Chaired by Trevor Payne, Director of Estates and Facilities at Barts Health NHS Trust, the discussion highlighted the growing need to work closely and effectively with industry partners to deliver action on sustainability. The discussion was then followed up with three industry presentations on waste, energy performance contracts and electric vehicles, all of which are making the NHS more sustainable.

Following lunch, in which delegates picked up their 14:14 starter packs which include gloves, plant pots and seeds to get them motivated to create their own plot of land, delegates heard from a wide range of speakers. Areas such as Clinical Waste, Behaviour Change and Theatre Optimisation were covered. As delegates left for the day many felt inspired by the passionate and thought provoking presentations which once again showcased the huge role sustainability plays in our healthcare system, wagons roll to Nottingham on February 25th.