Campaign calls for mandatory SDMP’s

The NHS Sustainability Campaign is calling for the government to make Sustainable Development Management Plans mandatory across the NHS. Currently an SDMP is only required to be in place as part of the NHS Standard contract. NHS Improvement and NHS England expect all NHS providers to have a Board approved SDMP as these plans are considered a good measure of a well led organisation. However, its optional to implement an SDMP and its estimated that around 25% of Trusts dont have one in place.

The recent decision by the Houses of Parliament to pass a motion Climate Emergency further supports the urgent need for the NHS to deliver a long-term strategy to tackle climate-change. The NHS is now left with a decision on how it will do its part on reducing emissions. This decision will no doubt take cross-department discussions and engagement, however its clear that an SDMP should form the back-bone of future plans. Therefore we are calling on NHS England to demand mandatory SDMP’s are put in place across every Trust in England.

Speaking about SDMP’s, Campaign Manager Scott Buckler said;

“The SDU Unit have done an amazing job creating this tool for Trusts to implement a long-term plan to tackle climate change and improve sustainability. However, the fact it is optional is not holding Trusts accountable to their role in tackling this global crisis.”

“As a Campaign we wish to see SDMP’s embedded into every NHS Trust’s Business Development Plan. It makes environmental and economic sense yet many are ignoring it. Over the coming months we will be announcing the Campaigns manifesto to tackle climate change in the NHS and we hope we can rely on the support of NHS England and others.”

“We would also like to see key performance indicators in place to monitor carbon emissions reductions across the NHS.”