Care Without Carbon – a new sustainable healthcare strategy from Sussex Community NHS Trust

Sussex Community NHS Trust (SCT) has released its new sustainability strategy, Care Without Carbon, produced by its in-house expert Sustainability Team.

The strategy, which was approved by Trust Board last month, outlines the Trust’s ambition to become a zero-carbon healthcare provider. To achieve this, the strategy outlines seven areas where the trust needs to take action between now and 2020, these include: buildings, journeys, procurement, culture, productivity, the future (climate change adaptation) and pioneering.

Investing in strategies for sustainability has resulted in some impressive savings for SCT over the last four years. It has already achieved 15% carbon savings since 2010, despite an increase in clinical activity. With the new Care Without Carbon strategy the Trust is paving the way to make even greater savings and a measurable, positive impact on the environment.

The SCT Team also identified areas in other Trusts where over £1.5 million in annual savings can be achieved through environmental improvements and have highlighted opportunities to save 10,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Will Clark, Sustainability Manager at SCT says “We wanted to come up with a fresh, unique and long-term approach to making our services more sustainable – something that our staff, from Exec level down, and patients can really feel proud and excited about. The result is Care Without Carbon, which is, in essence, shorthand for a greener NHS. The phrase reflects our vision that all NHS organisations should aspire to delivering care in a way that eliminates harmful environmental impacts, particularly greenhouse gas emissions, and puts sustainability at the heart of the business model. Our new seven step approach to sustainable healthcare describes how we will achieve this and sets us on a path to becoming a zero-carbon healthcare provider. Our experience shows that getting this right can unlock major financial savings, as well as reducing CO2 emissions – a true win-win! We’re really pleased to be helping other Trusts reap their own benefits from this way of delivering care”.

The strategy is available to download for free