CCGs should keep land for growing fruit and veg

CCGs, communities and patients will benefit from the local health organisations setting aside 14m2 plots of land on which they can grow fruit and vegetables, a new campaign has argued.

The organisers of the 14:14 initiative, run by 4 All of Us and NHS Sustainability Day, believe that the campaign will encourage people to eat more healthily by showing them how to grow it.

There are also social benefits for communities through people meeting each other through the program and 14:14 can help those who have mental health issues and suffer with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Scott Buckler, campaign manager of NHS Sustainability Day on behalf of Barts Health NHS Trust, said, “CCGs and HWBs must lead the way on health development.

“By showcasing their involvement and commitment to creating 14 square metres of land they are demonstrating that it can be done and showing great leadership across the communities they represent.”

GP Commissioning

Mr Buckler added, “There maybe some building costs, but this cost is certainly worth the long-term benefits.

“We are also providing a model which supports dementia and mental health patients through 14:14 which CCGs and HWBs can find out more information about.”

He encouraged anyone who is interested in the campaign to visit or contact 4 All of Us who manage the campaign and can support with advice and help.

Additionally, CCGs and HWBs are encouraged to attend the Roadshow event on March 27th NHS Sustainability Day at Great Ormond Street, London. The morning event held at Barts NHS Trust

will see Defra and Public Health Englands Chief Executive, Duncan Selbie discussing the campaign. Details can be found at

The campaign is being run in partnership with NHS Sustainability Day, which aims to raise awareness of the environment and sustainable practices across the healthcare landscape, through informing and educating NHS Trusts, CCGs and health and wellbeing boards on the benefits of a sustainable healthcare system.

So far, there are over 23 CCG groups sign up for NHS Sustainability Day and 30 HWBs.

Mr Buckler added, “NHS Sustainability Day has gone from strength to strength. We have had over 35,000 website visitors and over 400 delegates attend our roadshows up and down England.

“The main day itself, March 27th will see over 130 NHS Trusts take action and showcasing sustainability.”

Source: Commissioning GP – Kirsty Hough