Chris Packham to host NHS Sustainability Day Awards

We are pleased to announce that Animal and wildlife expert Chris Packham will be hosting this years NHS Sustainability Day 2014 awards. As a leading expert on wildlife and a NHS Sustainability Day supporter we are delighted to have Chris present what will be a celebration of the success stories within healthcare throughout the past 12 months.

Many of you will know Chris from his work on BBC’s Autumn Watch and Winter Watch as well as his new incredible new BBC 2 show Inside the Animal Mind.

Speaking about the importance of Sustainability, Chris said;

“To my mind there are three major problems with ‘sustainability’ . Firstly , and sadly , its become too easy to say , to accept , maybe to expect . It’s a word which has become too easy to abuse , to bandy about without any or little actual thought . Its just another one of those buzz words which we read or hear but have stopped really thinking about , so many things are branded as sustainable that we don’t stop to ask , how , or why , or if its even actually true .

Secondly , I think we award ourselves the sustainable ‘brand’ far too easily . We brandish products , practices and projects as sustainable even if they have given the merest nod to the actual reality of the term . We apply the term far too cheaply and without that much integrity .

Thirdly , and most dangerously we still think that sustainability is optional . It isn’t on any account . Economically , energetically or environmentally it is now more than ever an imperative if we have any plans to survive and prosper as an individual , as a business , as a publicly funded healthcare system or as a species . Our species . In my opinion its time to better understand sustainability and work harder to realise its necessary potential .

Having the support of Chris on the NHS Sustainability Campaign has been wonderful and to have him host the awards is really exciting. We hope you can join us on the night, to do so, we need your applications. Please visit the Awards section and start applying, there is not long left!