Hospital wins grant for energy improvements

Luton and Dunstable University Hospital has been awarded a grant of £400,000 from the Department of Health’s Energy Fund for two schemes which will significantly improve the Trust’s energy efficiency and save money on its energy bill.

Two steam boilers in the hospital run constantly, 365 days of the year, for services such as sterilisation and heating to some parts of the hospital. Although steam is essential for processes such as autoclaving or sterilisation, it is an inefficient medium for low grade heating.

The grant will enable the existing boilers to be refurbished with new highly efficient burners and modern controls, and replace space and hot water heating with Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) to maximise overall efficiency.

The scheme will save around £89,000 annually, which is equivalent to 2,544 Megawatt hours and carbon savings of 467 tonnes of CO2. This is a 61% saving against the current consumption of the boilers.

The second scheme will see existing street lights replaced with new LED energy efficient lights. LED street lighting is relatively new and has significant benefits over conventional lighting sources because it uses efficient lighting technology with reduced electricity and maintenance costs. There are additional benefits of environmental improvement through carbon emission savings, lighting which gives better clarity and definition for CCTV monitoring and security, and reduced light pollution as the fittings are more directional.

The lighting scheme will save the hospital around £6,000 per year: equivalent to 46 Megawatt hours, and a carbon saving of 16 tonnes of CO2.

Implementing both schemes will meet 15% of the Trust’s overall carbon reduction target.
Both schemes will be completed by March 2014.