Are you hosting any cycle related events?

SPOKES the informal voluntary network for NHS staff who cycle to work or use a bicycle for work purposes have set up a poll to see who will be participating next week and whether you have any cycling based events planned.

It only takes a second to vote and its a great way to measure the nations activities on this #dayforaction!


SPOKES exists to:

  • Support all cyclists working in the NHS
  • Promote cycling as a viable NHS transport option
  • Encourage NHS employers to provide Suitable Facilities, Cycle Purchase Schemes, and Cycle Business Mileage rate’s.

Cycling makes you healthy. It saves you money. It brings sustainable benefits to the local and wider environment in which we live. Because of this, many employers encourage their staff to cycle to work. SPOKES wants the NHS to be the country’s leading employer, encouraging NHS staff to cycle to and from work.