Litchdon Medical Centre get to the core of sustainability day!

Litchdon Medical Centre planted an apple tree to celebrate NHS Sustainability Day!

Hannah Doidge, Assistant to the Practice Manager said:

We had a mixture of people attend our small event; GP’s, reception, admin, nurses, plus a member from our Patient Participation Group (PPG) and an ex-GP Partner who has always been very keen to be green!

We had one of our nurses, Netty White, from our Dermatology department plant the tree as it’s her last working day today before she retires after working 50 years in the NHS!! Obviously the tree has been named Netty J

We are also working towards the Siler Reward (having already won the bronze) with Green Impact. Sustainability day tied in perfectly with this as we are currently working hard on making our practice more sustainable & green

We cannot wait to try the ‘fruits’ of our efforts!

Hope the day is a success for you, we’re happy to be involed!”

Well done to everyone at Litchdon for their fantastic efforts!