Monitoring overheating in wards

Managing climate risks to wellbeing and the economy report was published earlier in the year by the Adaptation Sub-Committee. It has highlighted that 90% of hospital wards are at risk of overheating with climate change. Without adaptation the number of additional deaths and illness associated with heat is likely to increase.

Currently there is no information about whether wards or patient areas are overheating.

One of the recommendations from the report is to set standards to identify overheating in wards. We’d like to take your advice on existing standards being used in the health and care system.

Your advice for on these thresholds for overheating to ensure they are aligned with existing standards, practical and sensible would be much appreciated. With set thresholds the impact of heat and adaptation to climate change could be monitored, minimising the risk of death and illness.

If you have details of thresholds you are using or would like to be part of the development process please contact

For more information on the CCC report click HERE.