New Energy Centre Opens at Bridlington Hospital

Today marks NHS Sustainability Day, the perfect occasion to celebrate the official opening of the refurbished Energy Centre at Bridlington Hospital.

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through the work of its Sustainable Development Group. The refurbishment of the Bridlington Hospital energy centre will help make a large step towards reducing the Trust’s carbon footprint.

The £1.24M project will achieve guaranteed savings of £104,375 in the first year – a 30 per cent reduction on current energy bills and operating costs.

The upgrade at Bridlington includes improved boiler control and the installation of a combined heat and power (CHP) unit which will make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions as well as significant savings to the hospital’s energy costs.

The unit will supply all of the hospital’s night time electricity, over 50% of its day time electricity and make a substantial contribution to the heating and hot water supply.

The Trust’s Finance Director Andrew Bertram, said:

“On behalf of the Trust I am delighted to officially open the refurbished energy centre at Bridlington Hospital.  By reducing energy costs, we can reinvest savings into front line services and patient care.”

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