NHS Sustainability Day Impact Report 2016

The NHS has achieved over £5M worth of savings through sustainable development as highlighted in a report set to be launched on the 16th September. The report entitled, NHS Sustainability Day Impact Report 2016, will be launched at The Wellcome Trust this week. The report is based on submissions made by NHS Trusts during early 2016 as part of the Sustainability Day national awards. The report includes submissions from Hospitals and Trusts across England highlighting both financial and carbon savings achieved via the implementation of initiatives ranging from energy efficiency, waste management, low carbon vehicles and much more.


The report, published by the NHS sustainability Day Campaign, highlights key initiatives including how Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust achieved savings of between £16,000- £20,000 through the implementation of electric vehicles. Another highlight of the report comes from Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust who cite savings of over £218,000 per annum via energy efficiency initiatives which will be utilised for frontline patient services.
Speaking about the Report, NHS Sustainability Day Campaign Manager, Scott Buckler said;


“There has never been a more important time for the NHS to ensure a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable future. The huge financial challenge the NHS is currently facing requires new forms of thought leadership and innovation.


This year’s report provides an overview to what the NHS can achieve through the implementation of sustainable development. Much of the savings highlighted in the report are being utilised on frontline services. This is clear evidence that the Government should and must be investing in a low carbon NHS fit for the future!”

Download the Report 2016 Report

Hard copies of the Report are available at a cost of £50 + vat by emailing info@nhssustainabilityday.co.uk