One in five NHS organisations now fully assessing their sustainability performance

Almost a fifth (19%) of NHS organisations fully assessed their sustainability performance using the Good Corporate Citizen (GCC) online assessment last year. The system enables organisations to understand how they are performing on sustainable development by answering questions across nine sections such as travel, procurement and buildings management.

This is the first years the SDU has published scoring and the results showed that average overall score was at 43% – which can be seen as a promising level of achievement but with plenty of room for improvement.

By analysing the results in detail the SDU was able to identify areas of strength and those where organisations struggled.

This has revealed that 94% of those who completed the assessment engage with strategic partnerships in the early stages of developing organisation’s plans.

However the results also showed that organisations find it hard to collect data on the impacts of their ethical procurement processes (6%) and to demonstrate the environmental and health benefits of reduction in travel (8%).

More detailed findings by the nine sections of the GCC can be found in a short briefing along with information on how different regions compare available in downloadable maps.

Both are available on the Reporting on sustainability page.

Using the GCC helps identify and measure action on sustainability on a wide range of topics: corporate approach, travel, procurement, facilities management, workforce, community engagement, buildings, adaptation and models of care. Analysis of the GCC scores will be reported annually to identify progress by the NHS, public health and social care system.

Source: SDU