How does your organisation compare to your neighbour?

Organisations are being encouraged to look at how sustainable they are by using the Good Corporate Citizen online self-assessment. The system enables a detailed self-assessment of how health or care organisations are facing sustainability challenges.

By using the tool you can benchmark progress on sustainable development, not just by measuring fuel bills or waste but by evaluating sustainability across the board in financial, social and environmental terms.

This means that you can put a measure on how well your organisation’s activities support sustainability inside your organisation and outside in the community.

The SDU will be collating the results of those organisations who have completed the GCC in-order to do some benchmarking and understand progress across the sector. Individual organisation’s results won’t be published as part of the SDU benchmarking process – however if you complete the assessment you can compare your organisation against others who have gone through the process as well.


Find out more and sign-up for the GCC here.