Our Sustainable Pledge

Our Sustainable Pledge 2019/2020

1. Planning Sustainable Transport for our events

– We aim to source and book venues accessible via public transport & reasonable walking distance between transfers
– We will encourage our delegates to organise car shares

2. No single use plastics for SD Campaign 2020

– We will make sure venues will not provide any plastic cups, plates all cutlery
– We aim to alleviate any paper/non recyclable signage
– We ask our exhibitors to not bring plastics ‘giveaways’
– We will source Recyclable delegate badges / wallets
– Any single used plastics will be scrapped from our resource kits for this years campaign

3. Minimise materials destined for land-fill

– We will Re-use materials where possible (such as our delegate lanyards)
– We will now provide a Paperless agenda & event guide which you will be able to download from our website

4. We will Favour sustainable venues for our roadshows and events

We ask for our venues to be:
– Energy efficient
– Contain Zero single-use plastics
– Control their Waste management

5. Source locally

– We will reduce trucking and transport impact on equipment and materials by sourcing locally
– We will Use local resources where possible to reduce travel
– We will Use local/inhouse caterers and local produce to reduce food miles