PHE publishes evidence to help those dealing with health inequalities

Public Health England has published research showing the evidence supporting action to reduce health inequalities. The information, which is presented in detailed papers and summary briefings, shows evidence for interventions on social issues that lead to poor health, and includes ways to deal with health inequalities.

The documents contain practical tips for dealing with these issues and show examples from local areas showing interventions that have been used to improve health.

Topics covered in include:

  • Improving access to green spaces
  • Fuel poverty and cold home-related health problems
  • Understanding the economics of investments in the social determinants of health

The papers and briefings will be of particular interest to local authority professionals with responsibility for health and wellbeing, public health teams making a case for action on health inequalities and those developing health and wellbeing strategies and Joint Strategic Needs Assessments, and health and wellbeing boards making local public health strategies.

For more information and to download documents click here