Public perceptions of climate change following the 2014 floods

Cardiff University’s Understanding Risk Research Group has published research looking at public perceptions of climate change.

The work specifically looks at the role of extreme weather as an influence on public perceptions of climate change, through a focus on people’s responses to the series of exceptional flooding events that affected the UK in late 2013 and early 2014.

The report has four main aims:

1. To report any long-term changes in perceptions of climate change amongst the British public.

2. To investigate in detail how a nationally representative sample of the British public interpret the 2013/2014 winter flooding and whether they attribute this to climate change.

3. To document experiences of the flooding events amongst a sub-sample of respondents who have been most directly affected.

4. To compare the responses of the most directly affected sub-sample with those of the nationally representative sample, with a focus upon whether direct experience of the flooding leads to different views about climate change

You can read the full report here.