Quorn Foods is proud to support NHS Sustainability Day 2016!

Quorn Foods is bringing back the successful ‘Sustainable Sausage Swap’ and ‘Sustainability Dish of the Day’ and we want you to work with us to make a real difference.


What an impact this made in 2015! In just 2 hours we saved the NHS in each of the hospitals that switched to Quorn sausages and Quorn mince in staff/visitor restaurants:

  • 25,000 Kcal
  • 150kg of CO2
  • nearly 10 tonnes of water
  • and significantly increased dietary fibre

Join us on 24 March 2016 for even greater results! Click here to get involved

You can also find:

A Quorn Activity briefing document HERE

Helpful Quorn tips HERE

and posters HERE!