Reduce your costs, waste and supply chain impacts!

Interested in reducing the amounts of furniture and equipment that are skipped or reducing the purchase of unnecessary supplies or consumables? Then read on!

As part of NHS sustainability day we are running 3 webinars on the reuse of assets like furniture, equipment and fixtures and fittings etc.

This webinar is focussed on the reuse of existing assets and equipment across the whole organisation and even between organisations. The session will explain how is being used by the likes of Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS, NHS Tayside, the University of Oxford, and Astra Zeneca to make huge savings and improve sustainability.

View case studies here: and click on clients.

What are the benefits of reuse?

  • Reduce purchase costs and purchase order hassles by claiming or borrowing off other staff and other organisations.
  • Reduce supply chain emissions.
  • Reduce waste costs by donating to others.
  • Improve collaboration internally.
  • Build resilience by making connections with other organisations.

What you will learn?

  • Understand how reuse can help your organisation save money, waste and supply chain emissions.
  • Understand how reuse may help your organisation become more sustainable and resilient.

Who should attend?

The session for those in procurement/purchasing, sustainability, estates management, waste and asset management.

Register here there are several dates available.