Road shows come to an end in Oxford

The past 6 months has seen NHS Sustainability Day take to the road on our bikes and visit a number of regions throughout England. In Hull we tackled climate change, Liverpool saw us address public health, Food was on the menu in Bournemouth and Nottingham addressed fuel poverty. So finally we folded our bikes down for the last time and headed into Oxford Town Hall which was to be the scene of the final road show for the 2014 campaign.

As a city Oxford has an abundance of history at it’s fingertips, however, not many people are aware of it’s environmental credits which are clear to see on arrival. They say Amsterdam and Beijing are known for their Bicycles, but in Oxford the two wheeled machines are strewn on every street corner. Racks and racks of bikes are laid bare across the town square and at it’s heart Oxford is fast becoming an environmental hub for the UK.

This evidence was clear to see as Barbara Hammond, Chair of Low Carbon Oxford welcomed delegates to the day. Low Carbon Oxford is a pioneering city-wide programme of collaboration between private, public and non-profit organisations with the aim of ensuring Oxford’s future as a sustainable and low carbon city. On hand to kick-start the day was Cllr John Tanner who addressed delegates on a cleaner, greener Oxford something which was clearly apparent when seeing the many low carbon initiatives on hand in the city. Next up was an example of partnerships in action with a presentation from Oxford City Council and Bre. Paul Robinson of Oxford City Council and Robin Wiltshire of Bre examined the work being done to deliver heat networks throughout the region.

The Centre For Sustainable Healthcare, a NHS Sustainability Day 2014 partner, were next up to discuss a sustainable food strategy alongside Julian Cottee. The presentation was both informative and demonstrated the ease of which we can ensure a sustainable future through food procurement.

Tools and guidance have been a key ingredient throughout the past 6 months and with this the event was happy to welcome Rebbecca Nestor of Low Carbon Oxford along to discuss the resources available to the NHS and for staff.

NHS Sustainability Day 2014 campaign has been reliant on great support from the industry providers and we were pleased to welcome Emma Wood, Sustainability Manager and Rose Bristol, Business development manager at PHS Group to speak about how they are supporting the NHS with clinical waste segregation and meeting their sustainable development needs. This was swiftly followed by Carillion who have been supporting the campaign from day one. Emma Gilbert, Operational Workflow Manager at Carillion was on hand to discuss their continued support for community sustainability.

Along with a delightful lunch, delegates had the opportunity to meet a series of service providers including the Soil Association and Garden Organic who were on hand to support the 14:14 campaign- . Following lunch both Garden Organic and Soil Association delivered a presentation on teh food for life catering mark and 14:14, showcasing how food procurement can be sustainable and healthy. This was swiftly follwed by Jacqueline Cutting of CSH who was on hand to discuss 2@2pm which is a tree planting initiative taking place on March 27th and supported by NHS Forest and The Great Outdoor Gym Company.

Derek Charter, Director at Trakeo was the final speaker of the day,he was on hand to discuss the dark arts of Behaviour Change and how this can be implemented into daily tasks.

As the day drew to a close, Trevor Payne, the founder of NHS Sustainability Day highlighted the importance of taking action on March 27th. So to echo his words once more;

” All change starts with a single action”

Make the change on 27th March and help us celebrate NHS Sustainability Day