SD Network

SD Network

It is crucial for Professionals working to improve Sustainable Development in their Organisation to have instant information. Whether its fielding a query, finding some guidance or asking fellow profesionals for advice we believe instant access is crucial. Alongside this we have long believed in sharing best-practice to enable others to develop and learn from successful projects. This is why we have decided to launch a new initiative called the SD Network.

What is the SD Network?

The SD Network is two parts, the first is a dedicated and managed instant messaging group for Sustainable Development Professionals working in the NHS called SD Instant. The group will be managed by the Campaign and use the Whats App Messenger system. It will be updated with latest guidance, information, support and tools weekly. Along with this instant information is the opportunity for professionals to start discussions with fellow professionals and create dialogue to foster new ideas which enable the improvement of sustainable development. SD Instant can be used both on mobile and online.

The second part of the SD Network is a Professional Exchange Programme or SD PEP. The Programme has been designed to allow SD Professionals working within NHS Trusts the opportunity to visit another Trust and spend a day with a fellow Peer to learn from each other and develop shared learning. Those who join PEP can join as a facilitator or visitor, the former would see you create a date of your choice within the year for other PEP members. If joining as a visitor you will be presented with dates and locations in which you can book to visit a Facilitator.We see PEP as an opportunity for SD Professionals to get a “hands on” experience of another Trust’s projects, daily routines and systems. We feel this can speed up learning and create collaboration through a joined up approach which in turn will benefit the overall Sustainable Development improvement across the UK.

How can I join the SD Network?

The SD Network is easy to join and free. Simply complete our form below with your details and tick which part of the network you wish to join. Once completed and submitted a member of the team will contact you with the next steps to join. At any point you can exit the SD Network should you feel it is not beneficial.



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