Sort It!

NHS Sustainability Day 2014 is proud to announce we will be running the Sort It! campaign for all delegates and website visitors. The Sort it! Campaign is a joint effort between the NHS Sustainability Day and large waste management company, PHS, who have once again shown their support.

PHS Wastemanage_U_cmyk+PMS115

PHS will be coming along to the roadshows to discuss Sort It!

By showing we care, by, say, switching something off that’s wasting energy, saving unused pharmaceutical stocks or choosing the right waste bin for ‘clinical’ or ‘domestic’ waste, the National Health Service and the environment will benefit.

It’s not a lot to ask…but we’re asking for your help.So, if you know something wasteful is happening where you work, however unimportant it may seem…just Sort It!

The NHS, the people of the world – and future generations – will be eternally glad that you did.