Sustainability Reporting – ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’

Sustainability consultancy WRM are delivering a free online workshop in September to share experience and improve the quality of your sustainability reporting.

The quality of sustainability reporting of NHS providers has been assessed for the last three years. To supplement this work we are hosting an online focus group to:

  • Share our findings to date – what is being reported well, and what is being reported not so well
  • Hear the drivers and barriers to reporting well as well as areas that should be covered in future evaluation
  • Share experience on how to improve – quick wins to improving your reporting for 2015/16

All this and more will be explored on:

Sustainability Reporting in the NHS
Provider Session
Wednesday 16 September
Location: Online

To register your interest please contact / 01943 468138

*If you are an NHS provider and cannot make this time and date, but would like more information please contact Edward on the details above.

*If you are a CCG and would be interested in a similar session, but delivered from a CCG point of view please contact