UCLH has become the first NHS trust to hold three environmental marks of excellence.

The sustainability team with their Carbon Trust Standard awards: (l to r) Sarah Edwards, John Curtis, George Gebski and Rajnika Patel

It has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for Water in recognition of the work it has done to measure, manage and reduce water use.

Added to the awards for waste and carbon reduction which it already holds, this makes UCLH only the NHS trust to hold all three quality marks.

The Carbon Trust described ULCH as “leaders in its field”.

Neil Griffiths, UCLH’s deputy chief executive, said:

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and this is a really great achievement.

“Thank you everyone for all your hard work.

The Carbon Trust Standard, the world’s leading independent certification of an organisation’s impact on the environment, covers everything from policy and recordkeeping to staff engagement.

In 2015/16, UCLH used 236,500m3 of water – enough to fill around 95 Olympic swimming pools.

This was less than in 2014/15 and UCLH received particular praise for having clear lines of responsibility for water management and for “excellent” staff engagement activities.

Recommendations include taking more regular meter readings, allowing anomalies in use to be quickly identified and acted upon.

George Gebski, who as UCLH’s energy manager has responsibility for water use, said:

Water is a precious resource and we are delighted that all our hard work has been recognised by the Carbon Trust.

However, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels – there’s still a lot to be done.

Whether it’s by installing low-flush toilets in non-clinical areas or thinking about rainwater harvesting, there are lots of ways of saving water.

Everyone can do their bit – even reporting a leaking tap can make a difference.