Forthcoming Webinars

NHS Sustainability Day Campaign is delighted to announce the next two webinars within our 2017 campaign series. Folowing our Reuse webinar in October we are delighted to announce two further webinars which address opportunities and challenges for NHS Estates and Facilities Managers. Details on both can be found below

Webinar 2- December 8th 2016, 12.15pm-1pm

Everything is WELL for Healthcare Buildings!

The NHS Sustainability Day Team is delighted to announce our second Webinar as part of the 2017 campaign. In this webinar, we will be addressing the role of WELL certification for buildings. The WELL Building Standard™ provides the opportunity to design and build with a human-centered approach, which ultimately supports the industry in comprehensively addressing human health: Employers spend 90 percent of their annual operating costs on people. This means that even a small impact on productivity, engagement and satisfaction in the workplace can have huge returns on investment.

The webinar will address key areas of WELL including;

  • Why choose the WELL standard?
  • How can WELL improve your building?
  • Business case for WELL
  • How to achieve the WELL standard & Certification

Webinar 3- January 18th 2017, 12.15pm-1pm

Funding sustainable success

In the past five years, the NHS has witnessed huge strides in the embedding of sustainability within Trusts. In this time we have also seen the economic and environmental impacts this brings to the NHS. However, going forward many Trusts are facing tough economic challenges and barriers which are set to impact on the implementation of sustainable development projects. Trusts across the country are now facing the challenge of delivering environmental, economic and health improvements without the budgets they once had.

This webinar will address these challenges and provide information for those seeking to deliver a sustainable NHS. This includes;

  • Funding opportunities for the NHS
  • Improving more with less
  • Overcoming financial barriers to success

To register your FREE place please email indicating which webinar you wish to attend